Electronics and Nanotechnology

ChemTrace is beyond an ordinary lab; our mission is to solve the micro-contamination challenges of today's and future technologies. Our comprehensive portfolio covers testing of numerous critical materials for integrated circuit manufacturing. These materials include chemicals, water, tool components, cleanroom consumables, fab construction materials, airborne molecular contamination, inert gasses, and wafers. ChemTrace's wafer analytical techniques extend to testing of wafers from by PVD, CVD, ECD, MBE, ALD, wet and dry etching, CMP, lithography, ion implantation, and diffusion processes.


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Technology Center and Principal Laboratory

44050 Fremont Blvd

Fremont, California 94538

Phone: 510-687-8000

Satellite Laboratory

12130 NE Ainsworth Circle Suite 210

Portland, Oregon 97220

Phone: 503-254-2828

Email: Info@ChemTrace.com